Custom Hoops

Hoop Di Do Hoops are lovingly hand-crafted, with attention given to the utmost in quality and durability. Unique hoops are custom designed, with sizes available for all ages and skill levels!  Even the color choices are up to you!

Hoops are suitable for core strengthening and weight loss, for learning advanced hooping styles, and for performance.

We are proud to use mostly upcycled/recycled tubing.



We carry a large selection of color choices, including shiny metallic tapes, “color-morph” iridescent tapes, fluorescent/uv reactive colors, and patterned duct tapes.

Travel/Collapsible Hoops:

Travel Hoops Photo

The travel/collapsible hoop is great for people who travel frequently and like to take the hoop fun with them. Also good for transit users, and cyclists.
Cost starts at $60.

Collapsible Hoop Options

Other Products

Staffs and Other Hoops

Polypro Hoops *OUT OF STOCK*

A lighter, more rigid style of tubing for advanced core hoopers and off-body moves. Comes clear or in variety of colors.
Cost starts at $40.

Mini/Double Sets

Smaller diameter hoops, designed exclusively for off-body style hooping.
Cost starts at $50 per set.


Think martial arts bo staff! These staffs are well balanced, have good grip and are custom decorated. They can be lighted with led light sticks (included) or glow sticks. We also sell a glow-in-the-dark option.
Cost for lighted staffs $60, glow staffs $50.

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